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Self Manage Super Fund

SMSF is your own personal self operated pension, allowing you to control the investment method of super benefits. SMSF allows DIY investors to make investment decisions for the fund. Create, protect, and provide. We believe that you will spend all your time and energy creating the wealth you want, and you need the right tools and strategies to protect your assets in order to provide funding for your retirement and future generations.

With over 15 years of industry experience, we help clients understand and understand complex rules related to pension legislation and regulations.

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SMSF Investment

Self operated Pension Superfund (SMSF) allows DIY investors to make investment decisions for the fund.

Investment Strategy

Before you start investing, you must have an investment strategy. This lists the investment objectives of your fund and specifies the types of investments that your fund can make. When you establish an SMSF with INP, we will provide investment strategy examples for your SMSF. You can adopt SMSF’s standard investment strategy or make modifications as needed. It is important to regularly review your investment strategy to ensure it is consistent with your goals and risk tolerance.

Investment Type

Time deposits, Australian stocks, international stocks, initial public offerings, Australian real estate, managed funds, contracts for differences, physical metals, ETFs, bonds, options, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange.

Investment Restrictions

All investments by SMSF must be made on a commercial “fair” basis. The purchase and sale prices of fund assets should always reflect the true market value, and the income of fund assets should always reflect the true market return rate. The SMSF trustee should also be aware of any restrictions on certain investments, such as investments in collectibles or personal use assets, which are prohibited by SMSF regulations. In addition, the trustee should consider diversification when making investment decisions.

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