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About INP New Zealand

Innovative accounting and business collaboration

Strategic Business Accounting Collaboration

INP New Zealand – combines the discipline of chartered accounting with the creativity of business development, the accuracy of auditing and risk management, and the magnificent style of professional presentations. We take pride in understanding all aspects of our clients’ business, as we strive to do it ourselves.

We are particularly proud and careful to ensure that our clients’ assets are protected as well as possible, and they only need to pay the minimum taxes they are obligated to pay. This is achieved through our proactive suggestions and questions, and we will not wait for you to raise any questions!

We enjoy collaborating with clients in countless aspects that make up our business, each part of which is interrelated with others. Essentially, all of this is about a cooperative relationship.

Our Services

INP New Zealand Chartered Accountants provides industry centric services covering a wide range of industries. Our experienced employees will provide you with the support you need, regardless of the size of your organization.

The Industries we cover

Financial Service


Professional Services

Real Estate

Health & Aged Care

Food & Beverage

Transport & Logistics

INP New Zealand

Auckland office

Christchurch office