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Family Office

As a trusted advisor for wealthy and business families, INP Group provides profound knowledge and experience to help family businesses and individuals achieve their group goals. INP has extensive experience in collaborating with internal and external service providers as a family office coordinator.

The Main Responsibilities of a Family Office Coordinator are as follows:

Heritage planning & management

Achieve the transmission of family business and wealth from generation to generation, ensuring that all family members understand current and future goals, and participate in succession planning.

Lifestyle management

Provide support in personal affairs and meet their lifestyle needs. Start a classic car collection by choosing a suitable seaside villa and others lifestyle related decision advice to help our client maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Investment consultation

Establish connections between financial advisors and family entities to maintain investment portfolios. This includes investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies and others investment category.

Family wealth education

How to deal with building family wealth and how to use it. Through the ship of education. Ensure that family values are passed down to the younger generation and continue to triumph for the next few generations.

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