Mineral Resources

The INP Exploration and Mineral Resource Accounting team has brought in-depth understanding and practical experience to assist companies operating in Australia’s most powerful industry.


Main accounting issues in the exploration and mineral resources sector:


  • AASB 6 Mineral Resource Exploration and Evaluation Application;
  • Capitalization or expenditure considerations from exploration expenditures;
  • Accounting for joint ventures;
  • Provide information for the Table 5 report.


How can we provide assistance?


  • Accounting;
  • Design an accounting system suitable for exploration and resource operations;
  • Choose appropriate accounting methods to measure exploration expenses;
  • Use AASB 6 correctly;
  • Assist in conducting impairment assessments;
  • Report;
  • Promote the reporting of Table 5;
  • Budgeting and forecasting;
  • Australian Stock Exchange, Appendix 5B;
  • General financial reporting.


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